Burglary Security

Keep Your Family Protected
Most people don’t think about protecting their homes until it’s too late. Don’t become a statistic! It’s a fact that a thief enters a home every 14 seconds, leaving 1 in 6 homes to be burglarized this year.

Unfortunately, homes without an alarm are 3 times more likely to be robbed. Don’t wait to be victimized, let Trigger protect your home and your family. We offer customized plans and features to fit your needs. Install a new system, or switch your current system over and pay only $25.00 a month! Add smart phone control for only $10.00/month. Call us today to learn how.

Not only is Trigger able to give you complete access to your surveillance, but you can monitor who is closing and opening your store with the best security system around. Not sure which employee may have left the doors unlocked or didn’t turn off the lights at night? With our state of the art security system, employers can review the codes entered into their security keypads by employees and individuals. You’ll know instantly who armed the security to close the business and who disarmed the security to open in the morning. Contact Trigger today for your free consultation on how you can allow your business to grow and flourish, all while keeping a peace of mind of your business’s activities with the help of Trigger Technical Services.

Camera Security

Watch Over Your Home 24/7
Need to keep an eye on things while you’re away? Trigger can customize a camera system for your home! We offer quality surveillance products from brand names that you know and trust.

Home Automation

Monitor Your Home From Your Mobile Device
Technology is constantly changing; don’t let your security system be left in the Stone Age. With Trigger's home automation options, you’ll be able to manage and control your home options with the touch of a button.

Don’t remember if you locked your door? Or do you need to adjust the thermostat to the perfect temperature before you get home? With home automation, you’ll be able to program, schedule, and make instant adjustments from your computer, tablet or smart phone.